Other Travelers

Here I would like to suggest other blogs, from people who inspired me or who I’ve met on my trip.
If I forgotten somebody, please contact me.

A Bike Journey
http://www.abikejourney.com/ (in English and German)

I followed this blog before I started my trip already. It gave me a lot of ideas and tips. By accident I’ve met the bike travelers Guy and Freddie in Geelong (Australia), when I was looking for a place to sleep. We became good friends quickly and I would have liked to stay with them. Curiously enough I cycled 18.000 km in total when I arrived at their home, the same distance they cycled on their whole trip. Also I know to the hometown of Freddie (she is from Germany).

What is a Surface
http://www.whatisasurface.de/ (in German)

This blog inspired me as well. For me it’s impressive he did this trip completely by his own. His pictures are an example for me to get better in photography.

Die Welt im Liegen
http://tour-en-blog.de/ (in German and English)

When I bought equipment before my trip, I’ve met Tom. Later I found out, he is the first German who surrounded the world on a recumbent bike. Very impressive.

http://www.zimel.ch/ (in German)

We’ve met on the road in Turkey and cycled two days together. I like to read Simon’s blog.

My Itchy Feet Cycling Around the World
http://acyclist.blog.fc2.com/ (in English and Japanese)

Kenta’s Blog. He is the first Japanese person I got to know. We’ve met in a hostel in Iran. His kilometrage is awesome. In only two and half years he cycled 48.000 km. When his trip was over, we’ve met again. Close to Tokyo I visited him at his home.

http://travelonbike.com/flb/ (in French)

At first we’ve met by accident in Mumbai. Then we’ve met again on the road to Goa, also by accident. After that we cycled three days together. It was a great time with the tandem couple Francois and Gen.

Frog tandem
http://frogtandem.centerblog.net/ (in French)

On the way from Brisbane to Sydney I’ve met this couple. They are extreme sporty and cycled over 50.000 km on their tandem. We camped together with Scottish cyclist Andy in a National Park close to the sea.

Le monde en roue libre
http://www.lemondeenrouelibre.com/ (in French)

Tom and me met in Sydney. We had the same host. He gave his bicycle a German name. He speaks a bit of German (and I speak a bit of French). We got along very well.

The Journeys from Mariella Supertramp
https://mariellasupertramp.wordpress.com/ (in German)

I’ve met Svenja in Berlin a couple of years ago. Then she went on a world trip as well, but not on a bicycle. We’ve met again in Sydney. I love to read her blog entries.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu3N2n1ZkEc (in English)

Anthony cycled all around Australia in 2006. It was very impressive to meet somebody who did such a trip without smart phone, GPS or a modern bike. In Canberra he hosted me for a couple of days.

WP’s Dimension
https://wprinsen.wordpress.com/ (in Dutch)

Wouter was part of our camping group in Tasmania. He, Alex, Yen and me stayed for a couple of weeks together. His bike trips are legendary.

Rad. Reise. Leben.
http://velo7.net/ (in German)

We’ve met Gergana and Micha by accident at Lake Pukaki in New Zealand. Yen and me were looking for a place to camp. We joined together and camped by the lake with the stunning view to Mt Cook.

one man one bike one world
http://www.onemanonebikeoneworld.com/ (in English and German)

In New Zealand Yen and me were picked up by Peter from the road. When he drove us around in his car, he asked me if I know the German bike traveler Florian, his blog called “one man…”. I finished the rest of the sentence, I knew his blog already. Peter met him on his bike trip from Istanbul to New Zealand.

Everyday Adventure Club
http://everydayadventureclub.tumblr.com/ (in English)

In Japan I’ve met Harry and Veronica on the road. Both started their bike trip in Japan. Harry is from London and Veronica is from Napier (New Zealand). Both worked in Melbourne and visited Berlin. I’m from Berlin, have been to London, Napier and Melbourne. So this was special meeting, full of┬ácoincidences. It was not easy for me to let them go.