Cycling around Fiji

Runtime: 30 Minutes   Language: English   

There was not much I could find in advance about Fiji as a cycle touring destination, so here are 10 things about Fiji for cycle tourists that I gathered from my recent trip:  

  • main road on Viti Levu is in good condition, all sealed and smooth
  • watch out for overtaker in front of you, they are not used to cyclists and heading straight towards you (leave the road then) and its left hand traffic
  • very friendly and chatty locals
  • very green, palm trees everywhere
  • always hot and humid
  • almost every village has a shop where you can buy water and sweets
  • plenty of fruit stalls alongside the road, fruits are so delicious over there
  • more horse riders than cyclists (take all your spare parts with you)
  • everyone speaks English well
  • not much of a place for wild camping, too bushy and all land is owned by someone, however you might be most welcome to stay with the locals
  • [...]

    Gone biketramping

    Have you ever heard of biketramping? Most likely not. It’s a word that came up in my head on my recent trip. It describes my new way of traveling: I’m using my bike to reach a backcountry hut as close as possible. At some stage it may happen that I leave my bike and panniers behind and change to a backpack and hiking boots to tramp the rest of the way. I discovered the possibility of biketramping when I rode the Nevis Road in February 2017, a remote backcountry road in Otago. By chance I found an historic hut next to the road where I spent the night. It was my first time in a backcountry hut in New Zealand. After that amazing experience I asked myself where else can I go with my bike (or by feet) and stay in a hut. Other biketramps I have done so far: Packhorse Hut, Black Hill Hut, Benmore Hut, Tarn Hut. [...]

    A very intense year in New Zealand


    I know, it’s ages ago I’ve posted anything on my blog (did you think I was dead?). For a long time I didn’t feel much like writing, but lately my mind is overflowing with thoughts, that I would like to share. I hope this post will help me to bring some order in my mind and reflect back on this pretty intense year in New Zealand. This time I’m writing more about my inner journey. It’s a little bit different from my previous blogs, I hope you enjoy it (plan about 30 minutes of reading time). [...]

    Berlin-Paris on a detour – Part 3

    While the landscape didn’t changed much in Holland it got more interesting in Belgium on my trip. There was more forest and right on the first night I found an inviting campsite in the forest. In Belgium are places like in Holland for wild camping, these places are called “Bivakzone”. The place that I found was on a glade, it has platforms to pitch the tent and the best was the fire place. There was a huge pile of fire wood already. All for free and all in the nature – great! [...]