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Berlin-Paris on a detour – Part 3

While the landscape didn’t changed much in Holland it got more interesting in Belgium on my trip. There was more forest and right on the first night I found an inviting campsite in the forest. In Belgium are places like in Holland for wild camping, these places are called “Bivakzone”. The place that I found was on a glade, it has platforms to pitch the tent and the best was the fire place. There was a huge pile of fire wood already. All for free and all in the nature – great! [...]

Berlin-Paris on a detour – Part 2

The first place I’ve cycled through Holland is called Coervorden. But I continued directly. It was evening already and had to go 30 km more to reach my campsite. In Holland there are places where can do simple wild camping. The place is marked with a pole and called “Paalkamperen”. In this area you’re allowed to pitch you tent and stay two or three nights for free.

These places are well hidden. But you can find the exact position online and so I found a place to camp where I didn’t got disturbed. On the next day I cycled through Zwolle and Kampen, two beautiful little towns. It was easy to cycle on the roads and cycle paths, but I wouldn’t have expect nothing else. At the evening I went to another Paalkamperen site. [...]

Berlin-Paris on a detour – Part 1

On the 01. October I’ve started from the “Potsdamer Platz” in the center of Berlin. My mother and two friends came, to say goodbye. Kai guided me out of the city, he is even taller than me but used a smaller bike on this day. It was funny. Actually I left home three days before, on the 28.09. But I’ve stayed three nights in Berlin and surrounding to see some friends and in case I would have forgotten something, I could have gone home quickly.

Before my departure I didn’t planned an exact route. My goal was just to arrive in Paris in 5 or 6 weeks. During the way I wanted to meet some friends, if there was an opportunity. The first opportunity was, when I left Berlin, to visit my aunt and uncle in Brieselang. I stopped at their place for a cup of tea and we had a nice chat. After the visit I did a few more kilometers and camped just next to a cycle path. [...]

My stories of microadventures

After my long journey I discovered my passion for microadventures. I’m used to do cycle tours around my area, but in the evening I always returned home. One day I thought why not going to work from another place? Why not escaping every day life for a short time? I took my sleeping bag and went on a Sunday into a small forest close by and slept outside on the hilltop. In the night I listened to the sounds from the forest, watched stars and woke up by the rain in the morning, then I cycled alone through the forest and met a group of wild pigs… It felt excited, it felt like an adventure. [...]