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Cycling around Fiji

Runtime: 30 Minutes   Language: English   

There was not much I could find in advance about Fiji as a cycle touring destination, so here are 10 things about Fiji for cycle tourists that I gathered from my recent trip:  

  • main road on Viti Levu is in good condition, all sealed and smooth
  • watch out for overtaker in front of you, they are not used to cyclists and heading straight towards you (leave the road then) and its left hand traffic
  • very friendly and chatty locals
  • very green, palm trees everywhere
  • always hot and humid
  • almost every village has a shop where you can buy water and sweets
  • plenty of fruit stalls alongside the road, fruits are so delicious over there
  • more horse riders than cyclists (take all your spare parts with you)
  • everyone speaks English well
  • not much of a place for wild camping, too bushy and all land is owned by someone, however you might be most welcome to stay with the locals
  • [...]