Radreisen macht glücklich – The movie about my trip

Runtime: 42 Minutes   Language: German and English   Subtitles: English (available on youtube)

When I started my trip almost 4 years ago, I didn’t thought about to make a movie. But I made a kind of video diary. Therefore I took a GoPro camera and a simple clip-on microphone with me. During my trip I didn’t had the time and resources to edit the videos and put them online.

Since a half year I’m back home. About my videos I didn’t thought any more. Then my friend Arne asked me, if I could do a presentation about my trip in his cycle shop. He convinced me and I remembered my videos. From the video footage I wanted to make a movie. I selected the files and chosen the time for the cuts. But I had no idea of video editing. I’ve got help from my friend Tobias. He is cutting videos from time to time.

Enjoy watching and get lucky!