Khoda Hafez Iran

After 6 weeks in Iran, I felt sad to leave this country. The people are so lovely and hospitable. Everyday they surprised me again with her kindness. I could rely me all the time that they will help me when I need something or I’m in trouble. Sometime I felt like a popstar, because a lot of people stop at me, want to know where I’m from, want to shake my hand, greeting to me, offer me his help or given me gifts.┬áMany Iranian people like Germany, some of them have relative there or dreaming to visit my country. I made some good friendships.

I felt safe wherever I go. We could camp everywhere without getting disturbed from somebody. Many people warned us against thieves. But nobody touched our bikes and stuff (except my sunglasses). The traffic in the big city is crazy, you have to watch out all the time. On the highway it’s easy to cycle, the roads are good, the traffic is less and most of the time you have an safety lane. Many trucks are very old and wrap you in a cloud of emissions when they passing by.

It was sad for me to realized that the people are not really free. They are limited in different ways, for example: there is no nightlife for young people, it’s forbidden to have an relationship without marriage, the internet is filtered and slow down, traveling in foreign country is very difficult (the visa assignment is strict and expensive), short pants are not allowed, women have to wear the hijab all the time.

However Iran was very exciting for me, it becomes one of my favorite countries. I would like to visit it again some day.