Around the South Cape

To get to the most southern part of Taiwan we followed the Highway 1 along the coast line that turns into Highway 26 later. When we left Kaohsiung behind we came through smaller cities. The landscape became more interesting. We camped on a Saturday at a school. It was no problem. Toilets are always open and the locals coming here to make sport.

On the 19th April, after 3 years I started my trip, I discovered still new food. Yen bought some beans called water caltrop who have a black shell with the shape of a mustache. In Hengchun we ate in a Vietnamese restaurant. There are many immigrants from Vietnam.

It was Sunday and many things happened around the temples. Different chapters marched on the street and played dance music, show girls danced on a truck. They carried their god (a statue in a little house) on bamboo rails, then the rails started to swing. I asked Yen if the carrier start the swinging. She said “No, it’s the god, he is happy and jumping up and down”. I haven’t seen something like this before.

In Kenting Yen bought me grilled octopus and stinky tofu (this I already tried in Dongshi). Kenting is full of tourists. We didn’t stayed in the tourist village, we prefer a quiet campsite and found one for 200 TWD direct at the sea.

We visited the Kenting National Park with his famous lighthouse. Then we went to the most southern point of Taiwan. It’s a small platform with view to the sea. While Kenting was full of tourist the other side of the south cape was really quiet. Even the scooter are quiet here, because many people rent an e-scooter here. At Manzhou we stayed on the most beautiful campsite we have been in Taiwan. There are green hills, orchards and betel nut trees around the site. It was very quiet, we were the only guests. The owner invited us even for dinner.