Honshu and Shikoku – From Hiroshima to Shodoshima

My camp in Fuchu was already situated out of the city so when I left I didn’t need to go through the city center again. But I had a steep climb up to Kumano. After I Kumano I went downhill to the coast at Yasuura. I found a great shelter in a park. On the next day on the way to Onomichi I met my first foreign bike travelers in Japan. Veronica and Harry started in Tokyo. Veronica is from Napier (New Zealand) and Harry from London, both lived the last three years in Melbourne and both have visited Berlin. And I’m from Berlin and visited Napier, London and Melbourne. So it was a bit special to meet each other. We talked over an hour next to the road, I didn’t want to let these guys go. I hope we can meet up again in Europe. Please contact me if you read this, I got your blog EveryDayAdventureClub but couldn’t find a contact.

From Onomichi I cycled the “Shimanami Kaido” which means Island Sea Road, a cycle path that connects Shikoku Island with the mainland. The cycle path leads over large and impressive bridges who connect seven islands. The path was easy to find you just follow the blue line on the ground. The islands are quiet and there is not much traffic. On Shikoku the cycle path ends in Imabari. From here I cycled most of the time trough industrial area till Takamatsu. In Takamatsu I took a ferry to Shodoshima Island. It was rainy when I cycled on Shodoshima Island. I climbed up the Shodoshima Skyline (it’s the name of an road) from 0 m over 700 m and there is indeed a part that ascening by 18 %, I had to push my bike. I camped at Kankakei.

At first I wanted to camp at an rest area on the summit but when I pinched up my tent a local warned me it’s not safe because there wild pigs with fang living here. At Kankakai a rope way station I showed my Japanese letter (I use this one quiet often) and the staff show me a place where I can camp. On the next morning it was foggy and rainy so I couldn’t see the gorge. I went downhill through the fog then I cycled road 248, an old road I had for myself. In Fukuda I reached the ferry station but I wasn’t sure if I’m leaving Shodoshima now or if I stay longer. It was late I decide it’s better to camp at Fukuda and make my decision tomorrow. I camped on an old road that isn’t used by cars anymore. On the next day I made my decision and took the ferry to Himeji.